Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A Statement about SOPA/PIPA

This is a letter I wrote for all 3 of my legislative representatives and you may copy/paste it if you'd like.

"Due to the inherent negligent nature of SOPA/PIPA, in regards to our Liberties, I would expect that you will respect the wishes of your constituents and help us shoot it down. The danger of this legislative movement is that it is but a stepping stone for big government and its sponsors to further shrink our rights for the sake of some false sense of security. We have the right to legally download music, and to illegally do so and suffer the pending judicial consequence. Liberty is a double edged sword, however it has always served us well as has our Constitution. Studies, and history (i.e. the war on drugs) will show that measures like this never solve the issue, it merely creates more issues and shrinks the ever decreasing Liberty of American citizens. What would stop Piracy is innovation- the Music/Movie industries should do what the free market would demand; evolve. By embracing technology, and its culture, we could move to a point where companies like Mozilla and bands like Radiohead already are: a point of respect to the American consumer and acknowledging the goodness of their concsience. Mozilla, and Radiohead, provide all of their content on-line free of charge and simply rely on community support and donations- both have done exceedingly well. This new type of market model would obsolete Piracy, diminish greed, promote prosperity, and good will for all. The world, especially America, has a lot to learn from both the Technology Culture and the Internet. May God be with you and your conscience."

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